Development is progressing with time, and machines with modern tools are assisting the software development process by minimizing errors and manual work. The advancement of the IT field has lifted the careers of programmers and coders while offering proper platforms for web and app development models. It involves a comprehensive project design created with a strategic approach and market research. 

Software Development – History and its Role in 21st Century

The history of software development dates back to the 1950s, when the first compiler was developed, and assembly language was introduced as the first programming language. With this, the rise of operation systems and object-oriented programming came into being. The concept of web designing with the incorporation of the internet was adopted in 1990, and the software development methodology became iteratively emphasized in project management. However, increasing progression and inauguration of cloud computing technology have pushed mobile application development with a complete strategic model.  

In the modern era, where AI and DevOp have influenced software development models by streamlining operations, making it faster and easier than ever. The process involves designing, coding, testing, and deploying the models, ensuring their working and maintenance with automated tools. Modern companies follow a proper structure, which helps the project cycle to be completed properly.

Explore the Standard Software Development Models

Choosing suitable software development models is essential before starting to work on any project. It includes a set of tools and techniques built on strategic approaches that help the process throughout. Some of the most popular software development approaches include:

  • Waterfall model
  • Incremental development model
  • V-shaped model
  • Rapid Application development model
  • Agile models

Compared to all the above, the agile model is the methodology most opted for by different companies. However, they are all designed using distinct approaches and are chosen according to the nature of the project. Furthermore, the next section will address the quick 6-step software development process.

Quick 6-Step Software Development Process


Initially, the prime purpose is to develop the idea due to high competition in the IT market. In previous years, the industry has already introduced multiple new brand products with technical innovations.  Therefore, brainstorming is the first step also known as the planning of the project.

Market Analysis

Conducting in-depth research of the market while analyzing every ongoing trend is important as it defines the USP of the product and helps the team to get an idea regarding the development of the project and related costs. It assists in evaluating the resource expenditures and all the factors that can affect the model.

Prototype Designing

After assessing the market and analyzing the project fundamentals, the next phase is the model design that specifies the making and further creation of the project. It includes the whole structure that defines the development of the project.


This is known as the main phase, where the project is developed with the help of coders using programming languages. The project managers specifically handle this process to ensure the development tasks are correctly executed.

Quality Assurance

Furthermore, the developed model is shared with the QA team for testing and analyzing the development stage. In case any errors are found during the inspection, the model is resent for correction.


After quality assurance, the model is ready for deployment and is forwarded to the maintenance team for release. The team is responsible for maintaining the product while collecting reviews from the users.

Role of IT Software Development Jobs

The primary purpose of IT software development jobs is to design, develop, and maintain websites and applications using skills and different tools. The team of experts and power network ensure that the models developed are properly maintained and updated according to the market trends. IT professionals are likely to have backgrounds in computer science and development fields. There are multiple domains of software development, some of which are addressed in the following sections.

What are the top 3 Software Developer Jobs in Pakistan?

  • Web Development Jobs

It includes in-depth knowledge of backend and programming languages, including C++, .Net core, Python, and JavaScript. Moreover, there are multiple frameworks used in backend development, and students from technical backgrounds can pursue their careers in these domains. The salary of web development jobs ranges from 50,000 PKR to 10,0000 PKR.

  • Frontend Developer Jobs

These are responsible for the end view and operation of the website. Front-end development requires an understanding of HTML. CSS and JS as core languages, while react native and VueJs can serve as more professionals in this category.

  • Full Stack Developer Jobs

This position is responsible for handling both the backend and front end of the website; also, the developers work on the development of Android and IOS platforms. These jobs are most demanding yet require strong experience in the relevant domain.

In a Nutshell

The software development process plays a crucial role in all aspects of the programming domain, from designing to integrating the methodology, passing through multiple phases to ensure that the product reaching the audience is streamlined and easy to use. Moreover, the software development field has a wide range of career opportunities from freshers to experts; an individual with a CS and IT background can excel in their professional skills in this domain.