Do you have an upcoming pool party or need to go swimming with bikini on and don’t know what to wear? You’ve come to the right place! Every woman deserves to look and feel smart, whether working, swimming, or traveling. For swimming or beach activities, you should have a quality bikini that offers unparalleled freedom of movement, manifests your style through its design, and offers the comfort you need to relax on the beach. 

However, bikinis come in all styles, colors, and designs, and picking the right one for your body can be overwhelming. Sometimes, you may need to know how well it looks on you before deciding to purchase. Our guide helps you choose the right bikini for your body by discussing the top things to consider when buying. Keep reading to facilitate the process and make an informed decision. 

Understanding Bikinis 

Bikinis are two-piece swimwear items for girls and women. They come in varying designs but are all meant to cover the bust and the pelvic areas. Not only are the bikinis stylish, but they also allow the skin to be sun-kissed!  One of the most popular bikinis you may find during your search is the Velvet bikini, a trendy and stylish swimwear that fits many body types.  

The bikini is made in various sizes and is made of soft, comfortable velvet material. You can also try other designs that come in one piece, covering the bust and the pelvic area. Most bikinis are adjustable and come in all sizes to meet the unique needs of women. 

Choosing the Right Bikini for Your Body 

Here are practical ways to help you pick the ideal bikini for your body. 

1. Understand your Body Type 

Every woman’s body is unique. A bikini that looks good on your friend may not impress you, so you should know your body type. Here are brief descriptions of the common body types. 

Pear shape: women with pear-shaped bodies have wider shapes, narrow shoulders, and small breasts. If you have this shape, find a bikini that draws attention away from the hip area. Pick a top with unique designs or bright colors and plain, darker colors at the bottom. 

Apple shape: an apple body shape describes women with a large bust, broad shoulders, and small hips. If you have this body shape, find clothes that draw attention away from the bust area. Consider patterned or bright colors on the bottom and dark ones at the top. 

Hourglass: An hourglass figure describes a woman with an even body whose hips and shoulders are proportional. Women with this body shape can match the top and bottom colors. They can also consider high-waisted panties, which help define the waist. 

Rectangle shape: The rectangle body shape describes women whose shoulders and hip area are straightly aligned. If you have this body shape, find a bikini whose design or patterns add curves in the bust or hip area. One-piece swimsuits can also help create curves and a well-designed waist!  

2. Consider Its Fit 

Now that you know your body type, you should also consider how well the bikini fits. Not all good bikinis you see online or in the store will fit you well, even if they are designed for your body shape. Therefore, consider the fit to ensure the bikini matches your body type and is comfortable. You can test-wear the bikini if you are in a position to do so. Understand the straps that could be adjusted, and generally confirm that the bikini won’t tear when you bend because it’s too tight. 

3. Focus on Comfort 

Comfort is another vital factor when buying a bikini. You should only buy swimwear that makes you confident and doesn’t restrict your freedom when swimming or moving. Here are helpful tips to remember when evaluating a bikini’s comfort. 

Material: common materials for bikinis are cotton, polyester, velvet, and nylon. Pick a material you will be comfortable wearing and cleaning. 

Style: Some bikinis hide the tummy and waist areas, while others don’t. Pick a style you are comfortable with. 

Purpose: Will you wear the bikini at a party, or do you need it for swimming? Get a highly comfortable bikini if you wear it for a long time. 

4. Consider the Color 

Don’t overlook the color when choosing the right bikini for your body type. The color should match your skin. For instance, a bright bikini would be great for dark-skinned or chocolate ladies. Also, you should pick dark, plain colors for body areas that you may want to be less visible. If you have a big tummy and want to hide it, picking a dark color would be great to direct attention to other parts. 

5. Check the Overall Design 

Bikinis come in many trendy designs, and not all might interest you. Before you buy, research the available designs and check the one that looks impressive for your specific body type. Don’t pick a bike with straps if the design doesn’t interest you. Similarly, you shouldn’t choose a two-piece bikini if you don’t want people to see your waist. Pick a classic design that best suits your body. 


Our bodies may not be perfect, but you can find the perfect bikini for your unique body shape. Before shopping, understand your body and check the available options. For comfort, be keen on the color, design, and flexibility. If unsure, you can also get two bikinis to test and compare them and pick only what suits your style and personality.