If you go to this Los Angeles destination with good weather to explore it completely, it’s well worth including all the attractions in this guide in your trip planning!

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1) Walk of Fame in Los Angeles

Today, around 2,500 stars are printed on the pavement, including celebrities from cinema, music, television and theatre. For those who are visiting the region and want to participate in the tradition of having at least one souvenir next to the star of their favorite actor or singer, be sure to go there and enjoy it.

2) Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Los Angeles

Just like the street with celebrity stars, the Madame Tussauds Museum also allows you to take incredible photos with your favourite media characters, however, in this case, displayed in the form of wax figures.

The cool thing is that this place is huge and has all possible personalities, ranging from important political figures, like Obama, for example, to musical stars, like Michael Jackson. The cool thing about going there is that in addition to being able to see the almost perfect representations of celebrities, you can use the various objects and utensils that are there to take fun photos next to each of them.

3) Dolby Theater in Los Angeles

The Dolby Theater is a renowned theater in Hollywood. The location of the Oscar ceremony for more than 14 years, the place has a breathtaking structure and decoration. The cool thing about going there to meet him is that the Dolby Theater has a super special tour by Orange county car service for its visitors, which runs every 30 minutes, in which they have the chance to be in the places where the figures have already passed. most importantly films and television. Have you ever imagined how incredible it is?

4) Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles

The fourth tip of the top 10 tourist attractions in Los Angeles is a place that cannot be missed in anyone’s travel itinerary in the city, the Hollywood Sign. Anyone who has never seen photos of tourists on this sign does not know how much of a tradition this has become among the visiting public.

The attraction, found in Griffith Park, which is the largest park in Los Angeles, receives a huge number of people in order to enjoy the landscape and take some photos next to the huge Hollywood sign. One suggestion is to take advantage of the diversity that the park offers and enjoy a full day of your itinerary there. The place, which has museums, gardens, a theatre, an observatory and even a zoo, is guaranteed fun for any type of audience and taste.

5) Disney Park in Los Angeles

The next suggestion is, without a doubt, one of the most incredible places for you if you are going on a trip with family or friends, Disney Park in Los Angeles. Located in a small town a few kilometres from Los Angeles, Anaheim, this park is simply one of the biggest and best places in the world for you to make your dreams come true.

In addition to offering toys for all audiences and tastes, it is also a theme park that has attractions from every possible Disney film. For those who want entertainment and fun that no one can fault, Disney Park is certainly a more than guaranteed option.

6) Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles

There you can find all the most famous designer stores in the world, as well as, of course, the most traditional ones too. Whether you want to buy clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics or any other merchandise, we suggest that you make sure to stop by at least at some point during your trip there and experience a totally unique and special shopping experience. Enjoy!

7) Warner Bros Studios in Los Angeles

During your visit to the studio, you have the chance to see the sets where the series Two and a Half Man, The Big Bang Theory, Friends and much more were shown. As for the films, get ready to see decorations, costumes, sets and other utensils from Batman, Matrix, Harry Potter, etc.

8) Los Angeles County Museum Of Art in Los Angeles

A great tip for a place to visit in Los Angeles is the County Museum Of Art. Considered one of the largest art museums on the entire West Coast of America, this place is unforgettable and offers its visitors a very innovative experience.

When taking a tour by car service lax of the museum you will be able to observe highly relevant works of art, created by world artists, as well as permanent and temporary collections that make its exhibitions always full of people. It is worth remembering that entry to the site is paid and is around 15 to 25 dollars.

9) Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles

For sports lovers, an unmissable tour of Los Angeles is the beautiful Dodger Stadium . Home to several National League games, Dodger Stadium is also widely used for concerts and presentations, so check the venue’s calendar and see if there are any events scheduled for the dates you are there. With a capacity for more than 60 thousand people, it’s impossible not to want to have a great time there and join the crowd in the true atmosphere that the place presents.

10) Venice Beach in Los Angeles

To top off the list of 10 unmissable tourist attractions in Los Angeles, there’s nothing better than going to one of the most incredible beaches in the entire Californian state, Venice Beach. Surrounded by the warm climate of California’s cities and the public dedicated to sports and physical activities, this beach is home to incredible things for you to do and enjoy there with Black Car Service San Francisco.

For those who simply want to sunbathe, and enjoy the wonder of the sea, it is completely suitable, as well as being the right alternative for lovers of surfing, skateboarding, volleyball and beach soccer. It’s definitely worth going to this place and having a super relaxing day with friends or family amidst a totally immersive atmosphere!