Are you preparing for a long trip and expecting to carry a lot of baggage with you? Well, then, you need a car roof racks for your adventure van.  

Every adventure comes with a packing list, so if you don’t want to be limited by your van’s space, a roof rack is a must. While you might not need a lot of stuff, having them within easy reach is a nice idea.  

You can use the roof rack to accommodate various cargo, especially those that are bulky such as tents, surfboards, bikes, or extra fuel. What to include or not largely depends on the nature of your trip and activities you plan to do.  

However, not all roof racks are created equal. If you need one that is strong and easy to install, you are better off with a Sprinter roof rack. This type of roof rack is an excellent addition to your van, offering several benefits.  

Here are five reasons to install a Sprinter roof rack on your adventure van. 

1. Improved Aerodynamics and Fuel Efficiency 

Sprinter roof racks are currently designed with aerodynamics in mind. In contrast to earlier models, which could enhance wind resistance and reduce fuel economy, the present-day roof racks are designed to minimize drag. 

The streamlined design of the Sprinter roof rack also helps preserve your car’s fuel consumption and minimize the sound of air resistance. Again, it provides a smoother and less noisy ride, making passengers feel more comfortable and happier. 

2. Enhanced Storage Capacity 

Another significant benefit of having a Sprinter roof rack is the added cargo space it creates. These racks transport camping gear and other equipment like bicycles and kayaks. 

A roof rack system can carry large and bulky items on the roof, freeing up interior space for other purposes. This increased cargo space means you can travel with all your needs for an enjoyable trip. Also, transporting oversized items like bicycles and kayaks allows you to explore more without compromising the comfort inside the vehicle. 

3. Better Vehicle Organization 

Because the Sprinter roof rack adds storage space to your adventure van, the vehicle’s interior can be kept more organized. A well-organized van is comfortable to live in and safe for traveling.  

The Sprinter roof rack allows you to store the most essential items inside the van, while larger, less used items are on the roof rack. This organization is vital when traveling for an extended period because proper segregation fosters a positive experience and safety. In addition, by preventing clutter, items can be safely stored on the roof so they don’t cause an accident. 

4. Ultimate Vehicle Safety 

Long-distance driving can put a lot of strain on any car, even more so when carrying a heavy load. However, a roof rack protects an adventure van from damage by keeping items away from the car’s surfaces. 

The sprinter roof rack’s higher position can help avoid hitting low trees or other obstacles on the road. Furthermore, a printer roof rack may help counterbalance the load in the car. Proper stability helps reduce road accidents. 

5. Prevent Your Gear From Getting Stolen 

It’s always important to protect your belongings well, especially when planning a long drive. A Sprinter roof rack offers a safer way of storing expensive equipment or other belongings. You can keep them at the top of your adventure van instead of placing them in the backseat, where they can easily be stolen. 

Most roof racks have locking mechanisms to enhance the security of your items. Options with elevated rails can accommodate larger objects while personal belongings are stored in the spare area.  

Since a roof rack can protect items against theft or burglary, it’s a wise decision for anyone planning to travel to unfamiliar places. The rack is a secured cargo box to help you carry some necessities. 

How Does A Loaded Roof Rack Affect A Van? 

Of course, a loaded roof rack can impact the van, so it’s paramount that you take the necessary precautions for minimal effects. Roof rack pads protect your vehicle from scratches and dents from the loaded roof rack. They create a barrier between the rack and the vehicle’s roof and help distribute the weight so that there is not much pressure on the van. 

How Much Weight Can Be Placed On The Roof Rack Of A Van? 

The weight capacity of a van roof rack depends on factors such as the vehicle’s model and the particular roof rack design. Always refer to the user manual for your van to determine the manufacturer’s recommended weight distribution limits. 

Roof racks are generally constructed to support quite a bit of weight. Some have a high weight capacity of up to 165 pounds. This is perfect for carrying camping gear and sports utilities without the risk of damaging the vehicle’s roof. 

When loading on your Sprinter roof rack, spread the load evenly to ensure that the rack is stable and doesn’t tip. Ratchet straps help keep your load in place, reduce the chances of it moving around while in transit, and guarantee a safe journey. 


Investing in a sprinter roof rack is one of the best decisions you can make for your adventure van. It increases storage capacity, ensures better aerodynamics, and improves vehicle safety plus the security of items in transit.  

Indeed, these benefits will enhance your travel experience and provide practical solutions for transporting and storing your gear.  

If you’re planning to install a sprinter roof rack, consider the types of materials used and the design.