A roof rack is not only aesthetically pleasing, it’s functional, and as a Jeep Gladiator owner, it’s a must-have for your vehicle. Whether embarking on a weekend camping getaway, or an off-road experience, a quality roof rack is the perfect companion between you and the great outdoors. 

In this guide, we discuss load capacity, compatibility, style features, and more. We reveal why choosing the perfect rack promises to elevate your Jeep, allowing you to cruise in style, and carry extra gear. Read on to discover more.  

1. Additional Storage  

When you purchase a roof rack for Jeep Gladiator, you instantly benefit from additional storage. Whether a camping trip, a surf vacation, or overlanding, these activities necessitate additional supplies. Some are too bulky to safely slot inside your vehicle. These include tents, kayaks, and paddle boards.  

Roof racks are available in various sizes. There is one to suit the exact make and model of your vehicle. The result? You get to embrace your next adventure, without having to worry about how to transport your tent, kayak, and additional cargo.  

As well as allowing you to take everything you need on your upcoming trip, a roof rack doesn’t compromise on passenger space, meaning friends, family and anyone else traveling with you do so in comfort.  

One point to note? Check weight guidelines, especially if you’re planning on transporting several passengers. The American Automobile Labeling Act (AALA) states a passenger motor vehicle should not be more than 12 persons and the gross vehicle weight rating should be no more than 8,500 pounds. This rule applies to multipurpose passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks. 

2. Improves Driving Safety 

It’s challenging navigating uneven, rough terrain at the best of times and dangerous when your car is packed to the max. One sudden movement and cargo could come loose injuring a passenger. In addition, boxes banging into one another in the trunk could break.  

When you invest in a roof rack, the weight of your cargo and equipment is better distributed throughout your vehicle. You can also up your organization game, by separating food and water from tents and sleeping bags. Aside from ensuring all your gear is in order when you arrive at your destination, this makes finding your belongings easier.  

3. Lightweight Construction  

Roof racks come in various shapes, designs, and sizes. One comparison to consider when searching for the perfect roof rack is its weight. A high-quality roof rack should be both lightweight and sturdy, allowing you to add additional gear to your car without worrying about excessive weight.  

Aluminum alloy trade-style racks are one of the lightest options available. The best part? Despite weighing less, they still perform to the highest standard, allowing you to carry as much or as little as you want. This is irrespective of whether you’re transporting items to and from work or various sports equipment on an off-road adventure.  

The materials they’re manufactured from also make them streamlined, meaning attaching these devices to your car won’t affect your speed or the smoothness of your journey. 

4. Easy Setup  

Another benefit of investing in a roof rack? It’s super easy to install! You don’t even need a specialist to assist you, provided you follow the manual, the setup process is a walk in the park. Most roof racks come with mounting kits.  

The majority of roof racks are not specifically designed for one vehicle. This makes them a versatile purchase and an asset to all overland enthusiasts. When choosing a roof rack, consider size, ease of installation, cost, and whether or not it comes with a warranty.  

A top tip? Check out reviews online and watch installation videos, which offer step-by-step guides on how to attach your roof rack to your vehicle. These will ensure you fix it securely in place without damaging your vehicle.  

5. Aesthetics   

Another advantage to investing in a high-quality roof rack? The aesthetics they add to your vehicle are in abundance. With their iconic off-road look, they transform an everyday car into an exploring machine. They make you look tough and ready for anything Mother Nature throws your way.  

As well as promising to perform, the components contemporary roof racks are crafted are sleek, stylish, and attractive. Some models boast gunmetal gray finishes. Others are matte black. You can create a subtle or an avant-garde look, and one that suits both your style and the hue and design of your vehicle. 

The Bottom Line 

Losing yourself (and your cell service) in the woods is an exciting experience and one that benefits our mental well-being. 

A high-quality roof rack tailored to your lifestyle and your Jeep Gladiator opens up a world of adventure. Whether transporting kayaks, mountain bikes, surfboards, or camping equipment, a roof rack makes your off-road excursions a breeze, maximizing your truck’s versatility. 

When picking the right roof rack, consider several factors. These include load capacity, fit, design, ease of installation, and budget. The ideal option should enhance rather than hinder your vehicle allowing you to hit the open road as and when you please. With the wide range of racks on the market, there is certainly one to suit your needs.