PTE is an english proficiency test that evaluates candidate english proficiency in four sections. This exam is the alternative to the IELTS exam and is a little bit easier than the IELTS exam. However, the structure of the PTE exam is completely different from the IELTS exam. The PTE exam is a computerized exam that is conducted on a computer. To ace the PTE exam candidates follow various preparation strategies. Some candidates join coaching centers or attend online classes. In addition, they rely on expert guidance and learn various shortcut strategies from the internet. 

However, during the PTE exam preparation, candidates have to face several challenges. In this article, we will shed light on some of the difficulties candidates encounter during the PTE exam preparations. Well, if you are struggling with the PTE exam preparation, you can join the IBT Institute. This is the coaching platform that is known as the best PTE Institute in Amritsar.

Here are some of the common difficulties candidates face during the PTE exam preparation:

Time Management: 

Indeed PTE is a timed-based exam, and candidates have to solve numerous questions in a limited time period. It is quite difficult for candidates who have poor time management skills. They fail to manage their time in the PTE cannot solve all the questions in a limited period of time and get poor scores in the exam. 

Language Proficiency: 

The PTE is an english proficiency test, that evaluates candidates’ english proficiency ability in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. To pass the PTE exam with a high score candidates have to perform well in all these sections, which is quite difficult for them 

Familiarity with the Exam Format: 

The format of the PTE exam is completely unique but still candidates get confused between the IELTS and PTE exam structure. The PTE exam is conducted in four sections, reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Each section has a different scoring system and question types. Therefore, candidates find it difficult to adapt to the format of the PTE exam structure. 

Understanding Scoring Criteria: 

Each section in the PTE exam has different scoring criteria. To perform well in each section and again high score candidates first need to analyze the scoring system of each exam. However, most of the candidates overlook the importance of analyzing te scoring system and regret it later. 

Speaking Fluency and Pronunciation: 

To ace the PTE speaking section, candidates have to speak fluent and clear english with adequate pronunciation. For a non-native english speaker, it is quite difficult to speak english fluently. Even if they are good English speakers they still hesitate to speak in english due to the fear of being judged. Thus candidates fail to perform better in the speaking tets.

Vocabulary and Grammar: 

Having a strong vocabulary and mastering grammar rules are crucial to ace the PTE exam with a high score. However, during the PTE exam preparation, candidates usually struggle to remember the advanced vocabulary words. In addition, they also find it difficult to apply grammar rules adequately in the exam. Therefore, they get poor scores on the PTE exam.

Stress Management: 

Exam stress is normal, although a little bit of stress is work as motivation. However, the excessive amount of stress that candidates usually feel during the PTE exam directly impacts candidates’ performance. Due to the stress, even well-prepared candidates make numerous blunders during the exam. Therefore, to perform better in the exam candidates have to stay calm and lessen the exam stress. 

Access to Resources: 

Another problem that candidates face during the PTE exam preparation is finding adequate resources to access quality study material.  Preparation for the PTE exam depends upon the quality of study material candidates choose for the preparation. However, finding adequate study material or resources is not an easy task for candidates. 

Feedback and Practice: 

During the PTE exam preparation, getting feedback is crucial for improvement. However, it is quite difficult for candidates to get adequate and proper guidance. Therefore, they cannot pay attention to the area they are slacking or need improvement. 

Technical Issues: 

As PTE is a fully computerized testing system, so during the exam candidates also have to face some technical issues during the exam. Such as computer glitches. In addition, candidates also have to face problems related to internet connectivity. These problems not only disrupt the exam experience but also affect candidate performance.

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Wrapping up:

To wrap it up, during the PTE exam preparation, candidates have to face all the above-mentioned problems. To overcome these problems candidates have to work with full dedication, do consistently practice, and access relevant resources and support for preparation. 

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