Do you want to experience a new style of desirable play with your partner? Do you want to spice up things in the funniest way? Don’t forget to use handcuffs at all. Of course, some playful furry cuffs are a boon for women to make a partner impressed by their desirable skills. 

But, the thing is what ways you can wear it and follow up the safest ways to enjoy seduction with each other. In this guide, you will learn about the different ways to use handcuffs during seduction time in detail. 

What are the safest ways to use handcuffs?

1. Picking the right pair of handcuffs

Of course, this is the foremost thing we could see before using handcuffs during seduction. Couples have to choose the most comfortable handcuffs from many options. 

You must buy a pair of handcuffs, which are mainly used as seduction toys, as well as adjustable buckle cuffs or silicone cuffs. Choosing metal and rope cuffs, on the other hand, ends up with a good adjustment for those who look for unique seduction plays at bedtime. 

2. Be patient and communicate

After choosing a pair of handcuffs, couples must be patient and communicate with each other strongly. It tells about what activities you are going to do, especially in bondage play. 

Perhaps to have seduction, agree on safe and best ways to enjoy foreplay with handcuffs. You must enjoy a lot and communicate with each other regarding what ways you will enjoy seduction and approach a boundary as well for playing in bed. 

3. Agree on a safe position

Furthermore, a number of positions are still available to make your desirable activities fun and interesting. With handcuffs, you can definitely try out a new position and discuss which position is best and suits you.

It ensures each option and is comfortable to wear with the bottom partner to the bedpost. For example, both can communicate and decide what position is suitable for wearing handcuffs during the seduction plays. 

4. Put on the cuffs

Make sure you put off the cuffs on your partner and make it don’t slip off easily. It would help if you tightened it as per the position chosen, and the cuffed person’s wrists must be free from itching and pain. 

Your partner has to feel comfortable wearing it as it is the most important thing to keep in mind. Thus, you have to wear the handcuffs during the desired time by putting them in the correct position. 

5. Tease your cuffed partner

Handcuffs are mainly useful for couples to tease each other during foreplay in a new way. Of course, the main thing to keep in mind is that the partner won’t be able to act towards your urges. 

You can handcuff your partner in a bed or chair and give them activities to do and engage in more interesting foreplays. You can also tease or bite your partner when they are not able to do anything on you due to tightness or else stimulate them with a vibrator. 

Know about the best ways and styles to use handcuffs before seduction

1. Run a feather or vibrator on their skin

Of course, handcuffs are always enough to make a desirable act with a partner. But, you have to try to replace your partner with other stuff as well. They are always best in giving you wrist together act and be patient till you do something erotic on them. 

But remember, you must always secure your partner and then run a feather or a vibrator over their skin. It is because they won’t see anything or stop when your partner is tied up with handcuffs. 

2. Make sure to use a pillow.

A handcuffed person can’t walk or do anything using their hands. But for their safety, use the pillow in front of them. Of course, it will prevent them from falling on the floors. Always use handcuffs and wrists together in the back of you. 

So, it is the most loved way to enjoy seduction and have a clear solution. During the doggy style, make sure to use a pillow in front of you. So, it heads up crashing onto the bed and prevents risks. You can also check the new position with your partner but with some restrictions. 

3. Move out of the bedroom

Try handcuffing yourself to the staircase and have hot seduction on the steps. Of course, your handcuffed partner won’t escape from you and have seduction in the balcony and other places inside the home. 

You can handcuff your partner to a chair and then striptease for him from across the room. So, they will be dying to touch you and won’t move from any side. Instead of breaking out the handcuffs, pretend to use a dirty cop or a horny criminal as well. It won’t actually make you place them and use seductions little threats on your partner. 

4. Prioritize foreplay

Before starting a session, it is always best to start foreplay incorporated with handcuffs. Of course, you can tie both of your hands and try something new in the desirable plays. So, it is mainly helpful for setting up the mood and helping each other to get warmed up. 

You can bring the handcuffs during the foreplay and wait to build up suspense on the activities. It is a great chance for couples to start roleplay after the foreplay session is over. 

5. Doggy style

Doggy style is the most common and interesting position to try out with handcuffs. Of course, it is behind the back, which is more important, and great to do with a partner. 

It is always best to put them behind their back, and the partner’s face should be pressed up against the sheets on the bed. It is nothing, but the erotic mood you get from the handcuff plays. 


Finally, there are plenty of ways to use handcuffs in bed and during seduction time. Of course, you have to choose which one is convenient and safe as well. Couples will enjoy a lot by picking furry cuffs which are durable and convenient to make your seduction more engaging and fun as well. Soon, you will always have a guaranteed fun time!